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2019 Production Sale Featured Lots

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L7 7085E (fall bull)

L7 7085E is a purebred Bubba Watson son. We like the muscle, pounds and eye appeal this guy brings to the table. Don’t miss him at our annual sale, April 10, 2019 at the ranch.

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L7 7089E (fall bull)

L7 7089E is a WULFS Xcellsior lim flex son that we have to appreciate for his length of body, square hip and striking eye appeal. This 18-month old bull has a lot to offer an operation. Give us a call on him!


L7 8033F

This LFLC Denver son is thick made and brings lots of pounds to the table. His dam is one of our best mama cows too boot! A black purebred bull that is sure to complement a set of Angus influenced cows or get to work in a purebred operation.

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L7 Easton & Main (fall bull)

L7 Easton & Main is a 50% limflex bull, out of PVF Insight and one of donor cows, L7 Yuma. We’ve been showing a lot of L7 Yuma progeny the last few years, her calves don’t disappoint. You’ll notice this bull the moment you walk into the pen. He’s stout, soggy made, sound and combines phenotype and EPD performance like very few bulls can.


L7 8032F

This March 2018 IVYs Bubba Watson bull is worth spending some time analyzing. Stout made, big middled and eye appealing…he has quickly found his way to the top end of our yearlings.


L7 8052F

This purebred Bubba Watson son is certainly a featured lot for us. He’s long patterned, thick made and easy keeping. This guys disposition is one feature we absolutely love, he’s as well mannered as his dam, who was a show heifer for an eight year old boy a few years back.